buts et priorités de l'Association
Our mission is to support orphans, albino children, and child-mothers with their infants through basic education and vocational training at the ‘Après-demain’ Centre. These individuals receive regular meals and a place to sleep, safe from the dangers of the street.

Because albino children are hunted for their limbs and organs, they remain hidden at home. The Association takes them into the safety of the Centre where they can follow Niger’s national curriculum, pursue studies, and aspire to being future Association employees.

From March through July in Zinder temperatures hover between 45° and 53° Celsius, and a lack of water is a daily problem. In response to this, the ‘Au Coeur du Niger’ Association drilled a well 100 metres deep in July 2011, thanks to donations by the Swiss Cooperation in Niamey. The ‘Welcome and Education Centre’ was built in 2013 as a place where orphans and child-mothers from Zinder can find refuge.

Thank you, donors and sponsors
of the Après-demain Education and
Development Centre and Well Water Project!

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