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The Après-demain Education and Development Centre for street girls and child-mothers in Zinder underwent construction from September 2012 – September 2013, on a 7,245m2 lot donated by the City of Zinder on Rue Jacques Chirac.
Six classrooms, two dining halls, two dormitories, one infirmary, one computer room, offices, technical rooms, one athletic field, one goat pen (75), one chicken coop (35) and one vegetable garden are able to host the girls from Zinder and provide a solid education with professional student support. 80m2 of solar panels were installed on a rooftop.
Solar panels were mounted in June 2013 on all buildings. A rainwater harvesting system has been installed on every building in the Centre, and a buried tank collects water during Niger’s rainy season – from July to September – that makes it possible to water the garden and trees. The Après-demain Education and Development Centre has a 200-person capacity. Thank you for your collaboration, and for your invaluable help in the creation of a Centre that supports the most underprivileged girls in Zinder.
Thank you for your collaboration and for the invaluable support that has contributed to making this Centre for Zinder’s underprivileged children a reality.

> Inauguration du Centre «Après-Demain» - Film de Jean-Philippe Rapp
> Photos: Construction of the Après-demain Centre
> Le terrain avant la construction du Centre «Après-Demain» (séquence vidéo)


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